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cultivate a lot of excellent brand

The plan puts forward that we should lay stress on quality and adhere to three principles. Adhering to the standard guidance, starting with the R & D of patents and standards, we should vigorously encourage the lighting enterprises to produce in accordance with the international standards organization, and actively promote "technology patenting, patent standardization, standard internationalization". Guiding enterprises to actively participate in or lead the formulation of industry standards, national standards and international standards, and helping more enterprises to occupy the commanding heights of industrial development. To build a new brand of quality work. In order to carry out the brand creation, focus on the brand advantage of the "ancient town lamp", strengthen the cultivation of the famous brand products and famous brand products of the key enterprises, and cultivate a lot of excellent brand and industry brand through the means of independent innovation, brand management, trademark registration, patent application, and regional brand creation. And service brand, improve the added value of ancient town lighting and market competitiveness. In order to build a public service platform, we should not only promote the lighting industry of the public platform services, such as the intellectual property rights protection center and the Productivity Promotion Center, but also support the construction of the public technology service institutions for the small and medium enterprises, and vigorously promote the construction of the "honest and ancient town" platform, and establish a "trustworthiness incentive, and the punishment for the failure of the letter." "The good faith mechanism."
It is understood that the ancient town of 2014, 2015, 2016 lamps and lanterns quality testing, have maintained a high qualification rate.